The Powder


First of all, it's green, so it contains chlorophyll, but chlorophyll - it's cosmic energy, bioenergy. When using GO GREEN STUFF, you receive bioenergy, solar energy, and restore your biofields. Nettle powder consists not only of iron but also of trace elements and mineral salts that the body needs so much!

IRON. One of the most important minerals for the human body. The main component of GO GREEN STUFF.

Iron provides oxygen circulation, strengthens the immune system and participates in other health-important processes. If the iron is not captured in sufficient quantities, there is a lack of blood, which contributes to a variety of health problems and significantly inhibits your feeling.




The most common symptom of iron deficiency is fatigue. Because the body lacks iron, the tissue does not supply enough oxygen, and consequently the body lacks energy. 

Pale skin

Haemoglobin gives the red to the blood, thus giving the skin a shade of pink. That means low protein levels can make you pale. Regardless of the skin tone of your face, if the interior of your lips, gums and lower eyelids is less red than usual, perhaps to blame is a low iron score. Blue bows under your eyes can also indicate that you have an iron deficiency in your blood.


If you feel that you are breathless, doing commonplace things, such as climbing the stairs or running a routine training program, your body may lack oxygen due to an iron deficiency.


If the body lacks iron, it will first seek to supply oxygen to the brain and only then other tissues. However, the brain will also receive less oxygen than it would be necessary to function properly. Brain arteries can expand, thereby creating headaches.

Hair loss and nail cleavage

Iron deficiency causes the body to function in survival mode: the oxygen obtained is used by the body to provide primary functions, so that less important processes, such as maintaining hair health and growing, are often neglected. As a result, increased hair loss can be observed, and the hair condition is deteriorating significantly, becoming fragile and dull. Also with nail health - fingernails are soft and easy to shell.


You're a vegan/vegetarian

From beef, liver, poultry, and fish, the body takes iron two to three times more effectively than from plants! A sufficient amount of iron can be obtained from careful meal planning, but it is important to take another food supplement. Leaf greens are rich in iron! Note that iron is harder to absorb when coffee is consumed - coffee leads iron out of the body.

Heavy preiod

For women, the first cause of iron deficiency is a hard period because too much blood is lost, about half of it is replaced, and then too much is lost next month. Try using GO GREEN STUFF for a while, it won't cause any other side effects.

If you're pregnant

For a child to develop into his mother's stomach, he also needs the iron he takes from his mother's reserves. Also, many women lose significant amounts of blood during labor, which can reduce the amount of iron. Any pregnant woman and mother who is breast-feeding must control the amount of iron in the body because it is essential for the health of both the baby and the mom. It is recommended to increase the amount of iron dose during these periods. And where better, if you can take products from nature!

The only way to absorb iron is to eat it.